First Week at Heritage

I cannot praise God enough for how amazing my first week at Heritage International has been!

I have been shadowing the teacher assistant in the fifth grade classroom, and I will take over for her next week. I will be teaching Bible and devotion. I will also be assisting the head teacher in grading and preparation. This is our wonderful classroom!

In the afternoons I have been working in the first grade. This is such a blessing because it is the grade I hope to work with after graduation. Every moment in that classroom has been enjoyable! The enthusiasm of the children is overwhelming. This Friday, our students will be leading chapel. Today, we were practicing our short play and our songs. There are few things more moving than a bunch of first graders belting out “Because He Lives.”  I was also blessed to witness the baptism of eleven of the students of Heritage. Each student stated why they wanted to be baptized. So awesome! It is moments like those where I can do nothing but praise God!

Today, I had my first cultural orientation from a woman from Uganda. She taught on the politics and history of Uganda. We learned some codes of conduct too. Greetings are very important in Uganda. We learned the proper handshake for someone you respect. We also learned that children will often kneel when shaking your hand to show respect. Also, if your hand is dirty, it is polite to offer your wrist to shake. Yesterday, I went to greet a woman at Heritage who offered me her wrist. I realized after learning this custom, that she had been washing dishes and was trying not to get my hand dirty. I just thought she did not want to greet me!

Tomorrow morning, the Hallahans and I leave for a safari! Can’t wait to share all the pictures when I get back. For now, enjoy this picture of the view from our backyard. Amazing, right?


2 thoughts on “First Week at Heritage

  1. We are happy to see that you are blogging. This way we can follow you as
    you experience your time in Uganda. Thank you for sharing !

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